2 Days Of Glory And Healing at The University Of Ahmadu Bello


Our Lord Jesus Christ remains the same, yesterday today and forever, what He does for one, he can do for another. His everlasting love has endlessly been revealed through testimonies and the miracles at the Healing School of Christ Embassy. The Miracle Faith Seminar which was birthed as an effect of these wondrous works, has been a channel by which thousands of lives have been transformed.
Believers’ Loveworld Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in Northern Nigeria, had the wonderful privilege to host the Miracle Faith Seminar for two days. The outreach was graced by a huge selection of university students together with residents in the environs.
The unction of the Holy Spirit was greatly present as the choir ministered. In one of the meetings, Joseph Andishu shared an excellent account of God’s grace upon his life. He was treated of pulmonary tuberculosis after the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ministered to him.
Pastor Emmanuel Oche, the host pastor, taught on faith; he admonished those in attendance to stand strong on God’s word, which will be fundamental. The Spirit of God overtook the area, as Pastor Emmanuel started to give specific individuals words of prophecies. Then he called for those that were sick and afflicted, and laid hands on them, transferring the healing anointing to their own bodies. There was great delight and rejoicing amongst the folks as they witnessed healings and different wonders. It was a glorious day to behold.
Many more lives were transformed as a great variety of people gave their hearts to Christ, when the altar call was made. God continues to be doing marvellous things each and every day and everywhere.


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